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  • About
  • Shows (DJs?)
  • Schedule (weekly + upcoming shows + “spotlight”)
  • Latest News / Blog (per show or single? + social via Inception)
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Their goal is to update music lovers with daily news bites, reviews, features, and interviews with top talent from the industry.]

Details about upcoming shows, mixes, and events are all split across different pages so each has a clear purpose. Take the homepage, for example, it consists of a player to tune into the station and a few social buttons.

what your station is about, what you play

nicely styled pages that focus on engaging with visitors using simple but effect messaging.

sleek and effective, so as soon as you land on the page you instantly know what the radio station is about.

visually tell a story of a band or artists

catch up on events and news, so that’s things like reading interviews from artists, looking at upcoming gigs, and listening to tracks they love on the station. BTR has a player embedded on every page, so it’s more convenient for visitors to tune into shows without having to navigate to a listen page.

a source of information on bands, local news, and upcoming gigs

shows and DJs are showcased front and centre on the page so they stick out for visitors to discover content for themselves

Players are embedded at the top of most pages so they’re easy to access. There’s also direct links to the stream, on third-party sites like Streema, and on-demand shows in places like SoundCloud.  Each DJ has their own page with links out to their back catalogue of content. There’s also opportunities for DJs to get involved so they can showcase their tracks.


  • embeddable player on every page, so listeners stay connected no matter which part of the site they’re on
  • twitter feed for realtime listener feedback (like Adult Swim)
  • mobile ready and dynamic so Images, text, and everything else you see changes based on the user screen size, for example if you’re on a phone then content like a header image gets resized to perfectly fit.
  • social media: how to use effectively?
  • OnAir2 is compatible with all the major streaming provides such as ShoutCAST, IceCAST, Radio.co, Airtime, Radionomy and many more.