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March 3, 2017

The Rise And Fall Of Food Trends Over The Years

Like anything else, food trends and diet fads change as often as the seasons. If you’re curious about what recipes or regional cuisines are in, the best way to do it is to look at Google search analytics.

A collaboration between Google News Lab and Truth & Beauty, The Rhythm of Food explores how our interests in food have changed over the years:

“[W]e explore the hidden patterns in Google search trend data. This project sheds light on the many facets of food seasonality, as seen through the lens of search interest in the United States over the last twelve years.”

The Rhythm of Food looks at Google search data between 2004 and 2016 to determine just how trends and cuisine interests have developed and shifted. By analyzing the search patterns of ingredients and specific dishes and plotting them on a year clock, the study reveals how the seasons affect the rhythm of food.

food trends year clock

The interactive lets users determine what food trends, ingredients, or recipes were searched for the most in a given month over the 12 year period compared to the other months. Each color represents a different year on the year clock and scrolling over each block reveals a Google Trends score and the week in which the data was pulled from. In-depth information is also provided for each search term, giving users a better understanding of the year over year trends.

The analysis shows very clear patterns of food searches based on the natural seasons, holidays, and special events. Another level of investigation compares how often certain foods are searched in a given country. With it, users can compare how often food items, such as “kale,” are searched for in Germany versus Japan.

food trends march

The interface of the interactive itself is easy to navigate and provides a variety of categories and food items to choose from. The site currently includes 201 topics and displays 135,025 individual data points. All of the information gathered was obtained from Google Trends, with a focus on data from the United States, and search terms correctly determined using Google Knowledge Graph topics.

You can explore various food trends for yourself here.

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March 2, 2017

The SXSW Film Pocket Guide Is LIVE

See You at SX! Film Facebook

Hey SXSW Film Festival attendees,

We are one week away from SXSW 2017 and we want to ensure that you enjoy the SXSW Film Festival to the fullest. Our SXSW Film Pocket Guide is LIVE and downloadable for your viewing pleasure. Devour information about our films, parties, special events, and how to get around.

SXSW Film Pocket Guide

Experience 9 days, 13 screens, and 250+ Films

For nine days in March, creatives of all stripes gather for the acclaimed SXSW Film Program to celebrate raw innovation and emerging talent both behind and in front of the camera. Register today and explore the full 2017 lineup below.

Explore Full Film Lineup

Teaser photo by Ron Herrman

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March 2, 2017

Here Are The Facts About Immigrants In The U.S.

There’s been a lot of talk about immigrants in the news lately since the Trump administration announced the travel ban. Many people have expressed their concerns about the number of people coming in from the seven countries targeted by President Trump, but the truth is that visitors and immigrants from the countries listed only make up about 2 percent of all the foreign-born people currently residing in the United States.

For many of these people, the ban does not affect them because they are naturalized citizens. But for the tens of thousands of others with permanent resident status, their position is not as clear due in part to administration officials’ statement that they might be susceptible to inspection if they choose to travel abroad. Visa holders also risk not being able to return to the United States if they leave the country.

To get a better look at the people who have settled in the United States, The New York Times created a series of charts and maps to show what these people are doing now.

Have a look at some of the information they gathered:

College Education:


Settlement in Each State: immigrants map

Check out their full report here.

[Via: The New York Times]

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March 2, 2017

Cinematography Tip: Control Window Light With ND Gels

Take control of window lighting on your next shoot with ND filters.<p><i>Top image via Shutterstock.</i><p>Windows are light sources that can work wonders — if …
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March 1, 2017

The Best External Hard Drives for Video Editors

The professional video editor or filmmaker depends on a reputation for organization and reliability. Nothing can ruin a client relationship or career …
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March 1, 2017

35 Super Creative Explainer Video Examples

Explainer videos are a great communication tool for brands. Whether you’re explaining a product or service, demonstrating how to do something, or introducing your company to a visitor, they’re a quick and easy way to deliver that info. They’re also an opportunity to showcase your brand in everything from the visuals to the voiceover. Apply a little creativity and even the most boring product can become an entertaining explainer video. If you need proof, we’ve rounded up 35 awesome explainer video examples.

Our Favorite Explainer Video Examples

From motion graphics to live-action, these show you how to engage viewers in very little time. Take a look below, and if you need more inspiration, find out why explainer videos work, learn how to craft an awesome explainer video script, and see the 10 keys to a great explainer video.

1. “Tonx Truly Great Coffee In Your Kitchen, Without Much Fuss” by Sandwich Video

2. “Wizzki Making Hiring Simple” by MyPromoVideos

3. “NextGlass” by breadnbeyond

4. “Super Sync Sports” by No Mint

5. “Instagram Direct” by Delve

6. “Unwanted Tracking Is Not Cool” by BLACKMATH

7. “British Gas” by CHI & Partners

8. “BYOB Lumberjack Party” by Motion Authors

9. “Stampsy Launch Video” by Twistedpoly // Nejc Polovsak

10. “Don’t Be A Pitch” by Vireo Films

11. “Dumb Ways To Die” by Passion Paris

12. “Shark Wrap” by Video Brewery

13. “Sevenly” by Sevenly

14. “Lettuce App” by Brandon Wall

15. “Introducing Whistle” by Manifold

16. “Poo-Pourri Second Hand Stink” by A76 Production

17. “LivePlan Explainer” by Palo Alto Software, Inc.

18. “One Is One…Or Is It?” by TED-Ed

19. “Industrial Internet of Things” by Honeywell

20. “Skype for Business: Simplifying Communication in the Cloud” by Office Videos

21. “Explainer Video on Explainer Videos” by Column Five

22. “Web Standards for the Future” by W3C

23.” Text Me Up App” by Thinkmojo

24. “Digit” by Giant Ant

25. “The Happy Home Company” by Doug Ludlow

26. “Get Rewarded for Not Texting While Driving” by XL Team

27. “Just The Cream” by BriefMe

28. “Think With Your Hands” by FiftyThree

29. “Create Your Own Business” by Squarespace

30. “Zopim Overview” by Zendesk

31. “Clear for iPhone” by Realmac Software

32. “The Value of Data Visualization” by Column Five

33. “Helping Blind See” by Be My Eyes

34. “Smart Mailbox” by Epipheo

35. “Salesforce Desk.com” by Oddfellows

If you could use a little outside help with your next explainer video, read our parent company Column Five‘s tips on how to choose a video agency. They’re always happy to chat about any ideas you might have, too.

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February 28, 2017

Up Side Down: A Map Game That Will Have You Questioning Geography

The concept of north is “up” and south is “down” is a manmade idea. The only reason we perceive places to be geographically “up” or “down” is due to the composition of the conventional map. Some prime examples of how a map can change your perception of direction would be the early Egyptian maps that established the east as being on top and the early Muslim maps that positioned the south on top.

up side down map

A beautifully designed version of a south-up, or upside down, map was made by Angus Hyland, a partner at the London office of Pentagram. Hyland had designed the map for the firm’s annual Christmas card but has since turned it into an interactive site with an online quiz.

The interactive map completely warps the idea of directionality. To play the game, you are tasked with naming cities and countries based on an out of context, zoomed in image of a random landmass or body of water that has been flipped in one way or another. Even if you’re a geography whiz you’ll still have a pretty difficult time.

up side down map

As stated in a Pentagram blog post, the point of the game is to show just how arbitrary map orientations are:

The booklet and quiz mischievously play with the rigidity of the commonly accepted world map, which is increasingly at odds with modern GPS software that allows us to manipulate the space around us with a pinch of our fingers.

Change your perspective and test your geography smarts here.

[Via: Co.Design]

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February 27, 2017

Here Is How The New WWF Logo Might Look Like

The World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) iconic panda logo is easily recognizable by anyone around the world. It has been used since 1961 for the organization dedicated to wildlife conservation. But since the panda is no longer considered endangered, the question is should the logo be updated to feature other wildlife in danger as a result of global warming?

Just recently, the International Union for Conservation of Nature reported that the giant panda was no longer an endangered species but “vulnerable,” though the same could not be said for polar bears. When ad agency Grey London saw the report about the declining polar bear numbers, a major cause being human activity, the creatives designed a new WWF logo featuring the polar bear.

“What we are absolutely not doing is saying that the other problems WWF campaigns against are not important,” says the agency in a post on Medium. “But human impact through climate change is killing off animals of all species on scale. That’s why we think the polar bear, an animal synonymous with climate change, and the inclusion (or lack) of its habitat reflects this very modern and very pressing threat better.”


The logo features the distinct face of the polar bear above the WWF name. A GIF was also created to illustrate the transformation from the panda to the polar bear.

Grey London is offering the logo, as well as their services, to WWF completely free of charge, stating that “[WWF] have better things to be spending money on than branding.”

The agency is hoping that the new logo will spark more conversation about the pressing issue of climate change.

“We felt that the most famous wildlife charity in the world could be doing more, through what is the most famous logo in conservation, to highlight what is the largest and most pressing issue today,” says Grey. “It’s the biggest threat the world, and its wildlife, has ever face.”

[Via: AdWeek]

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February 26, 2017

Will Smith Raps the Oscars (Kind of) — Listen

Demi Adejuyigbe, a mashup artist from Los Angeles, has recorded a timely project for the Academy Awards. “Will Smith Raps the Oscars” finds the young singer doing his best impression of the actor/musician, with three raps set to the music that plays over the credits of “Arrival,” “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Moonlight.” Listen below.

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In “Hacksaw Rap,” for example, Adejuyigbe uses the melody from Rupert Gregson-Williams’  “Praying” and the score from Mel Gibson’s World War II drama as the base of a Smith-inflected rap. “This is the story/Of a man from Virginia/He fought for his country/And for the lives of his fellow soldiers/Up on the Hacksaw Ridge,” goes the song.

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“Whoo!-light,” meanwhile, remixes “Little’s Theme” from Barry Jenkins’ critical darling: “Saturday night, with Jazzy and Jaden/We were gettin pretty bored, it was gettin pretty late and I said/’Let’s go out and catch us a flick’/’Collateral Beauty’ wasn’t playin, so I let Jaden pick.”

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February 26, 2017

Terrence Malick Directed a Perfume Ad Starring Angelina Jolie, Because of Course He Did — Watch

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that Terrence Malick’s lyrical approach to filmmaking would be conducive to, say, a perfume commercial, your time has come. The director has helmed a commercial for Guerlain’s fragrance Mon Guerlain, with Angelina Jolie in the lead. Watch below, with thanks to the Film Stage.

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Set to Andy Quin’s “Awakening,” which was also featured in the trailer for “To the Wonder,” the one-minute spot is exactly what you’d expect of a perfume commercial directed by the man responsible for “Days of Heaven,” “The Thin Red Line” and “The Tree of Life.” Balletic movements and cutaways to nature abound; if you include the female voice speaking “Mon Guerlain” at the end, there’s even narration.

READ MORE: ‘Radegund’: Terrence Malick Returns to World War II with Romantic Drama Featuring Matthias Schoenaerts

Malick’s next film, “Song to Song,” will serve as opening-night at film South by Southwest next month, with the World War II drama “Radegund” expected to premiere on the festival circuit later this year.

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