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March 5, 2017

The ProTruly Darling might just be the weirdest phone you’ve ever seen

Heralded as the first smartphone with a built-in 360-degree camera, the Darling certainly seems to have locked down a recipe for adoration from photo enthusiasts. But only the photo enthusiasts who do not mind an almost absurdly giant phone

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March 5, 2017

Watch: What Kind of Director Was Barry Jenkins Before 'Moonlight'?

Barry Jenkins’ talents as a director were very much apparent before he ever made his Oscar-winning film “Moonlight.”

Now that Barry Jenkins has an Oscar under his belt, many of those who rallied behind Best Picture winner Moonlight can’t wait to see what he has for us in the future. However, Jenkins was an incredibly talented director long before he made the film that made him famous. With much of his cinematic visual style stitched into his previous work, fans and students of film would do well to explore his short films, including Medicine for Melancholy and My Josephine. You can start by checking out this Fandor video essay by Haroon Adalat, which reveals the many stylistic similarities between Moonlight and Jenkins’ early work.

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March 5, 2017

Video: How to Turn Old Soviet Glass into a DIY Tilt-Shift Lens for Just $30

Watch a vintage Helios lens morph into a tilt-shifting wonder with just $30 worth of materials.

Mathieu Stern, the Weird Lens Master himself, is at it again. In his latest video, he takes apart two vintage Soviet Helios lenses and gives them tilt-shift capabilities, similar to popular Lensbaby tilt-shift lenses, like the $300 Edge 80 Optic, all for just $30. The results, you might find, are absolutely stunning, so check out the video below and continue on to see some of the images Stern took with this interesting little DIY lens.

The Helios 103 and Helios 44-2 are the two $20 vintage Soviet lenses that Stern used for this experiment. After carefully taking them apart, he fitted them with a $10 rubber bellow, which allowed him to focus freely as one would with any conventional tilt-shift lens.

And the results are pretty breathtaking, especially considering they were captured with a $30 DIY lens.

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March 5, 2017

Watch: This Is What Happens When You Sync Your Frame Rate with a Helicopter Rotor

No, it’s not a magic trick. It’s just clever cinematography.

If you perfectly sync your camera’s frame rate with the rotation of a helicopter’s rotor, some pretty interesting things happen. YouTuber Chris Chris has shared a video that shows a helicopter taking off, which sounds like nothing special, but because the camera that captured the scene had all the right settings, the blades of the aircraft appear to be completely still. Check out this crazy video below:

If you’re wondering how this trickery works, it’s actually relatively simple. The main source of confusion is whether it’s the frame rate or shutter speed that makes the effect possible, but both are actually necessary to pull it off. In an online discussion about the phenomenon, an anonymous reader broke it down:

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March 4, 2017

Video: 15 Beats of a Classic Story Structure Explained

How do Hollywood screenwriters structure a screenplay?

There’s no such thing as “the right way” to write a script, but there are certainly well-trodden paths that countless professional screenwriters take to craft certain story structures. And though these structures might seem overused or formulaic, they do provide a great framework for new writers to cut their teeth on. In this video from The Film Look, we get to take a look at Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, or The Hero’s Journey, which is one of the most common story templates, to not only learn what it is and how it works, but to also see how it unfolds in other films as well.

Maybe the best way to start talking about this is by explaining exactly what a “beat” is. Well, a beat is the smallest unit of measurement in a screenplay represented by an event, major decision, or important piece of new information. A beat sheet, or as they call it in the video, a “beat list,” is a breakdown of every important moment that occurs in your screenplay in the order in which they occur.

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March 4, 2017

Watch: Here's a Nifty Trick to Instantly Turn Any Lens into a Macro Lens

If you need to get some extreme close ups, don’t buy an expensive macro lens until you try this little trick.

Getting close, and I mean really close, to a subject requires a macro lens. The problem with that is these kinds of lenses tend to cost a pretty penny if they’re high-end, which may not seem like a reasonable investment if you only need to get a few extreme close ups for your film. But, you may not have to; you might be able to shoot some macro shots for free without having to buy a new lens. In this episode of Indy Mogul’s series Saturday Morning Special, cinematographer JP Caldeano, also known as Cinematic J on YouTube, shows you how to turn any lens into a macro lens using this super simple trick.

Let’s end the suspense. The trick is to turn your damn lens around! If you’ve been in the film/photography business for some time, you’re probably familiar with this technique, but for those of you who are just starting out, this might be the revelation that changes your cinematographic approach from here on out. (Maybe I’m overselling it a little…)

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March 3, 2017

The Daily Chord Weekly Recap – Friday, March 3

SXSW Daily Chord | dailychord.com

Reports of global growth in recorded music revenues and record numbers of streaming subscribers marked the week in music. Future continued his unique rise to the top of the charts. CD players are disappearing from cars, and Nine Inch Nails surprised fans with an odd package.

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March 3, 2017

SXSW Music Weekly Round-up: Garth Brooks Keynote, Ryan Adams, DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown

We’re down to the last week before SXSW begins, and we still have more to share with you.

We’re pleased to announce the addition of eight new conference sessions, including SXSW Keynote Garth Brooks; the multi-platinum country icon will exchange stories with Amazon’s VP of Digital Music Steve Boom. In honor of Prince, original members of Prince’s band Andre Cymone and Dez Dickerson will share memories, recollections, and insights at Birth of a Purple Nation, veteran rapper T.I. will discuss his career as it continues to hit new highs in the wake of his politically charged new material.

Let’s move focus to this week’s Showcasing Artist announcement. Highlights include R&B star Tinashe, dance-punk group !!! (Chk Chk Chk), reunited rockers Lift to Experience (who will will perform the reissue of their cult classic album The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads), Ryan Adams, 2016 breakout dream-pop singer Japanese Breakfast, DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu, and more. We also released details for the SXSW Music Opening Party sponsored by Sensu this week – that’s set for Tuesday, March 14 at Maggie Mae’s and Maggie Mae’s Rooftop.

Many showcase announcements stood out this week too. Flip through our presented showcases like Synthesize Love with Moogfest, BBC Music, House of Vans, and more.

If your eyes are getting tired and you’d rather use your ears, we’ve got the remedy. Check the artists out on our Spotify playlist and our radio channel SXSWfm.

Time is almost up to plan out the logistics of attending and the first step is to register for a SXSW Music Badge. The badge provides you with primary access to Music Festival showcases, industry-focused Conference sessions, networking events and parties, the Trade Show, SXSW Gaming, and more, plus secondary access to most Film and Interactive events.

New 2017 Conference Additions (Music)

Music Keynote Conversation: Garth Brooks and Steve Boom
Digital Revolution: A Look at Music’s New Frontier
Birth of a Purple Nation

Featured Session: G-Funk
Conversation with DMC
Conversation with Mike Posner
Conversation with Residente
Conversation with T.I.

New 2017 Showcasing Artist Additions

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) (Brooklyn NY)
[istandard] Producer Experience (Brooklyn NY)
9th Wonder (Winston-Salem NC)
Ryan Adams (Los Angeles CA)
AHEE (Los Angeles CA)
Jeff Akoh (Abuja NIGERIA)
Alexandre (Austin TX)
American Sharks (Austin TX)
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (Austin TX)
ANoyd (Bloomfield CT)
Ash Koosha (London UK-ENGLAND)
Backyard Band (Washington DC)
Banks (Los Angeles CA)
Be. On. It. (Indianapolis IN)
Beat Imprint (Austin TX)
Amy Becker (London UK-ENGLAND)
Betty Who (Los Angeles CA)
Bigg John Of East 35 (Austin TX)
Billyracxx (Austin TX)
Bitter Pills (Phoenix AZ)
The Black Angels (Austin TX)
The Black Moods (Tempe AZ)
Oscar Black (Hartford CT)
Timothy Bloom (Los Angeles CA)
Michael Blume (New York NY)
Bobo Swae (Tupelo MS)
BOOMscat (Washington DC)
Russell E.L. Butler (Oakland CA)
Chris Cartier (Bronx NY)
Neko Case (Tacoma WA)
Louise Chantál (London UK-ENGLAND)
Cheetah Chrome (Austin TX)
Gary Clark Jr (Austin TX)
Geno Cochino (Los Angeles CA)
C Roy (Los Angeles CA)
Jay Cube (Washington DC)
Denzel Curry (Miami FL)
CymcoLé (New York NY)
Deuce Eclipse (Oakland CA)
Nina Diaz (San Antonio TX)
Rebel Diaz (Bronx NY)
DJ C. DeVone (New York NY)
DJ Caleeb (Chicago IL)
DJ Chose (Houston TX)
DJ Diggy Dutch B2B Casual T (Houston TX)
DJ General Mealz (Atlanta GA)
DJ Hella Yella (Austin TX)
DJ Jimmy Jatt (Lagos Island NIGERIA)
DJ Kota (Osaka JAPAN)
DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu (Dallas TX)
DJ Logan Garrett (Murfreesboro TN)
DJ Miss Milan (Queens Village NY)
DJ Money (Washington DC)
DJ Mr King (Akron OH)
DJ Mz Rico (Houston TX)
DJ She Real (Fort Worth TX)
Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta (Chicago IL)
Dreezy (Chicago IL)
Dwagie (Tainan TAIWAN)
Electric Guest (Berkeley CA)
ELHAE (Atlanta GA)
Eliminate (Los Angeles CA)
El Indio (Sacramento CA)
Karen Elson (Nashville TN)
Evolfo (Brooklyn NY)
Eyelid Kid (Austin TX)
Faarrow (Los Angeles CA)
FlexinFab (Dallas TX)
Francis and The Lights (Oakland CA )
Froth (Los Angeles CA)
Go DJ JB (Austin TX)
Kat Graham (Los Angeles CA)
Grandmaster Flash (Bronx NY)
Guilla (Houston TX)
Jack Harlow (Louisville KY)
Morgan Heritage (Tallahassee FL)
Ellie Herring (Lexington KY)
Hoodtronics (Austin TX)
Hosted by Rex Domino (Portsmouth UK-ENGLAND)
Imaj (Dallas TX)
Impxct (Tupelo MS)
ImSoMaleek (New York NY)
J.I.D (Atlanta GA)
Jace (Atlanta GA)
Jameszoo (Den Bosch NETHERLANDS)
Joolz Jones (Greenwich Village NY)
Topaz Jones (Montclair NJ)
JSTJR (Los Angeles CA)
Vic Jun and The Philharmonik (Sacramento CA)
Keeper (Austin TX)
DJ Kelly G (New York NY)
KFhox (New York NY)
Khaled M (Chicago IL)
King Kanja (Nairobi KENYA)
King Visionary (Detroit MI)
Kohinoorgasm (Berkeley CA)
Kevin Krauter (Indianapolis IN)
Talib Kweli (Brooklyn NY)
Kyle (Ventura CA)
Lafame (Miami FL)
The Late Ones (Laie HI)
LaTour (Sacramento CA)
Leather Girls (Austin TX)
Hamilton Leithauser (Brooklyn NY)
Ari Lennox (Washington DC)
Lift To Experience (Denton TX)
Lil Bizzy (Cleveland OH)
Lil Yachty (Atlanta GA)
Loamlands (Durham NC)
Lo Moon (Los Angeles CA)
Amber London (Houston TX)
Alice Phoebe Lou (Berlin GERMANY)
Lute (Charlotte NC)
Ma-less (Orlando FL)
Mad Classy (Austin TX)
Magic Giant (Los Angeles CA)
Mamak Khadem Ensemble (Los Angeles CA)
Otown Marco (Orlando FL)
Bethany Martin (Austin TX)
Marty B. (Champaign IL)
Mathias (Washington DC)
Mélat (Austin TX)
Justin Miller (New York City NY)
Mod Sun (Bloomington MN)
Mohsen Namjoo (New York NY)
Maurice Moore (Ottawa CANADA)
Kevin Morby (Los Angeles CA)
Mozzy (Sacramento CA)
MUNA (Los Angeles CA)
Ras Nebyu (Washington DC)
Nef The Pharaoh (Vallejo CA)
The Nimbus (Austin TX)
Noname (Chicago IL)
not sorry (Los Angeles CA)
NO WIN (Los Angeles CA)
Noyz (Brampton CANADA)
Outernational (New York NY)
Pharmakon (New York NY)
Professor Toon (Durham NC)
Q.GUYTON (Houston TX)
Rare Essence (Washington DC)
Joey Ray (Washingtonville NY)
Reid Speed (Los Angeles CA)
Reesa Renee (Washington DC)
The Resistance (Austin TX)
Jessie Reyez (Toronto CANADA)
Izaq Roland (San Antonio TX)
Staci Russell (Austin TX)
Saba (Chicago IL)
Logan Sama (Brentwood UK-ENGLAND)
Bob Schneider (Austin TX)
Chris Scholar (Richmond VA)
SDotBraddy (Miami FL)
ShaqIsDope (Toronto CANADA)
Sharkweek (Austin TX)
Shifty Eyes (Sylvan Lake AB)
Shubzilla (Seattle WA)
The Skins (Brooklyn NY)
Jesse Slayter (Lafayette LA)
Sleigh Bells (New York NY)
Slim Guerilla (Houston TX)
Starlito (Nashville TN)
Huw Stephens (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Stimulator Jones (Richmond VA)
Thee MVPs (London UK-ENGLAND)
Third Eye Blind (San Francisco CA)
Tinashe (Los Angeles CA)
Tokyo Police Club (Newmarket CANADA)
Trouble (Atlanta GA)
TYuS (Portland OR)
Ugly God (Houston TX)
Ultimate Rejects (Port of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Undergravity (Houston TX)
Valee (Chicago IL)
Vanic (Vancouver CANADA)
Vic Crezée (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
The Wealthy West (Austin TX)
Wrestlecircus: Live Pro Wrestling w/ Matt Hardy, Matt Riddle, Brian Cage, Sammy Guevara, Jeff Cobb, & more (Austin TX)
WYBMF (Dallas TX)
xBValentine (Georgetown TX)
YBS Skola (Baltimore MD)
Youth Code (Los Angeles CA)

9th Wonder by Lourdes Sukari, DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu by Paul R. Giunta, American Sharks by Emmett Kerr-Perkinson, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) photo courtesy of the artist

Everything subject to change

Photo credits, clockwise from top left:
9th Wonder by Lourdes Sukari
DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu by Paul R. Giunta
Lift To Experience photo by Breanne Trammell
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) photo courtesy of the artist

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March 3, 2017

Here are the flat-out craziest virtual reality demos we saw at Mobile World Congress

You might not necessarily think of virtual reality as phone tech, but it nonetheless was out in full force at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We sought out the best the show had to offer.

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March 3, 2017

Editorial Design: Ting™ Branding

Editorial Design: Ting™ Branding

As you may know that we love personal projects on Abduzeedo, it’s a great way to keep you mind inspired and giving you a balance in your daily workflow. It’s also a great way to experiment ideas and concepts. We would like to share this editorial design by Mohammed Samir and his personal series of magazines called: Ting Studio.

Published via Behance is the work from Mohammed Samir who is a Lead Designer at BBDO based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I really enjoyed this background in Illustration and integrating it into branding and graphic design projects.

This is a personal project I created to start a series of magazines under “Ting studio” name. The series will start visually with the exploration of the living creatures motion and the relation between it and the human behavior. Both graphical interpretation and photography are being used in all the magazine versions. It will include also sections about the traditional visual art subjects like typography but with a new graphical interpretation.

Editorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ BrandingEditorial Design: Ting™ Branding


Mar 03, 2017

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