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October 16, 2020

The Best Filmmaking Deals of the Week (10.16.20)

Headlining our Deals of the Week, save $200 on the Tamron SP 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD Lens.

This week in filmmaking deals: Save 30% on the Zhiyun CRANE-M2 Gimbal and 20% on the Pelican 1610 Watertight Hard Case. The Moment Starter Set, which includes a phone case, two mobile lenses, and a lens pen, is $20 off. Also, the Tamron SP 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD Lens is currently $200 off. Finally, Adorama is offering all of you NFS readers an exclusive deal on Hollyland equipment that can save you anywhere from $20 to $350.

Zhiyun CRANE-M2 Gimbal

[deal id=”128081″]

Whether you need a gimbal for your GoPro, smartphone, or mirrorless camera, the Zhiyun CRANE-M2 Gimbal can offer you the stability you need. It features a detachable mini tripod, 6 creative shooting modes, and seamless camera controls. Get it now for $189.

Pelican 1610 Watertight Hard Case

[deal id=”128086″]

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October 16, 2020

Sony's Imaging Edge Webcam Software Now Available for macOS

Live streaming with Sony cameras made easy.

In August, Sony released its Imaging Edge Webcam software that turns compatible cameras into a live streaming webcam via USB. At the time, it was only available for Windows 10 (64 bit).

Sony has now released a version for macOS (10.13 – 10.15).

The software is very easy to use. After downloading the correct version for your computer, it’s essentially plug-n-play where all you need is a USB cable that can connect from one end of your camera into your machine.

The one thing to note is to first set your camera to the auto position and then after launching the live streaming platform, you can then change the setting on the camera.

Sony has made a number of cameras compatible in its Alpha A-mount, E-mount, and digital still lineup, including the a7S III. Both the Windows and macOS versions can be downloaded here.

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October 16, 2020

'Miller's Crossing,' the Coens' Forgotten Gangster Epic, Turns 30

Is he is, or is he ain’t, the Dane’s boy?

My introduction to Miller’s Crossing was during a course taught on the Coen brothers by Robert Ribera, a professor at Portland State University. I was his Teacher’s Assistant when he was at Boston University, and he gave me the movie to watch to prep for the course.

It was the only Coen brothers movie I had never seen… and it is the one that’s stuck with me as long as even the more famous ones, like Fargo. It was different than other mafia movies, but still had the balls to have an opening shot directly from The Godfather.

I consider this movie to be one of the finest gangster movies ever made, a classic of the gangster genre.

The story is an amoral tale… about morals within the criminal underworld of the 1930s. There are two rival gangs vying for control of a city. The police are pawns, and the busts of illicit drinking establishments are just ways for one gang to get back at the other.

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October 16, 2020

Why Has Martin Scorsese Made It His Mission to Preserve Film?

Something clicked when Scorsese saw his first film… and now he’s working to preserve film for all of us today.

Martin Scorsese is one of the most important people in cinema. Not only is he a wonderful director, but he also has done incredible work to preserve the use of film and the historical films of our times.

The magic of movies still fascinates us today. The films of yesteryear are an important portal for us to see how the art form has changed and what life was like across decades.

In the video below, Scorsese appears as director and founder of The Film Foundation, giving insight into why film preservation is vital and how he works to keep the history of cinema alive.

We’ve lost a ton of old movies. Film is fragile, and there was a time when the silver nitrate used to make them was melted down to extract precious metals. For Scorsese, films are the common image and idea that define humanity.

They capture a moment in time that can echo in eternity, with the proper work and preservation.

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October 16, 2020

7 Tips For Breaking Into Documentary Filmmaking

Filmmaking can be a tough industry to break into. And in my case, I thought it would be especially difficult in my 40’s.

I didn’t have the option of spending months or years working as a PA to make connections, moving up the ladder slowly, or learning on set as I go.

On the other hand, I also read uplifting success stories of many filmmakers who started their careers later in life, such as Ava DuVernay or Valerie Faris.

After a 20-year career in the fashion corporate world, I decided to go into documentary filmmaking—an industry that many thought would be too tough to break into and take too long to monetize. But just one year later, I have a documentary short screening at several film festivals and streaming on Amazon, a feature documentary that is in post- production, and a third in the planning stages.

So how can you accelerate the learning process and get on a successful track in the movie business? Here are some tips I can share through my experience in hopes that it will help other people who are in a similar position.

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October 15, 2020

Everyday Digital Art by Kurt Chang

Everyday Digital Art by Kurt ChangAoiroStudio10.15.20

Kurt Chang is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, he has been sharing pretty illustrations via his Behance. With this never-ending pandemic, I have noticed an increase in ‘digital art’ projects being shared. We all have on our way to deal with this ‘longer isolation’, maybe it wasn’t the full intention behind Kurt’s series but I thought it will be great to share so we can inspire each other. Looking at Kurt’s series as he calls it: ‘Daily Art’. They are amazingly illustrated, each illustration tells a daily story that is a reality or beyond his imagination. Give them a look.


Image may contain: cartoon, illustration and drawing

Image may contain: screenshot, computer and floor

Image may contain: painting, cartoon and child art

Image may contain: art and cartoon

Image may contain: red and floor

Image may contain: road, cartoon and way

Image may contain: person, painting and flower

Image may contain: footwear and cartoon


Source: Abduzeedo Illustration

October 13, 2020

Amazon’s new AR app lets you have fun with all those Prime Day boxes

Amazon’s new augmented reality app lets you squeeze some fun from the company’s cardboard boxes before they go off for recycling.
Source: Digital Trends VR

October 12, 2020

U.S. Army considers AR goggles for its military mutts

U.S. military dogs could soon be working in the field using AR goggles, giving the animal the freedom to work beyond its handler’s line of sight.
Source: Digital Trends VR

October 12, 2020

Crimson Thematic Illustrations about Japan

Crimson Thematic Illustrations about JapanAoiroStudio10.11.20

Titled: ‘Japonismes’, we are featuring a series of hand-drawn illustrations with Japanese motifs by Lucas Reis. He is the head of Art at Mother based in London, United Kingdom, we have featured his work ‘The Bible of Barbecue’ before on abdz. It’s great to feature this project who reflects Luca’s style and the same high-quality standard. These posters are beautiful and really enjoy the minimal approach of the color palette which were black, red, and of course white. These posters are also screen printed and available for purchase. Make sure to give Lucas some love on Instagram.




Source: Abduzeedo Illustration

October 9, 2020

Why Can't The White House Find a Competent Video Editor?

We also talk about a development tactic that keeps screenwriters down and has to end.

This week Oakley Anderson-Moore joins the podcast as we discuss who edited that strange video from Walter Reed and why they don’t know how to use a morph cut. Since it’s almost that time of the year we also cover a “get out the vote” contest from M Night Shayamalan, the closing of UK’s Cineworld theaters, and the miraculous Hocus Pocus re-release that’s competing with brand new releases. And for this week’s Tech News, we talk about a new kind of pipe… for film production.

As always, send us any questions and leave a comment!

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