January 1, 2021

Are We All Just Content Creators Now?

I went to film school because I wanted to see my name in lights. Now it’s online.

What was the first experience that made you want to work in Hollywood? For me, it was watching movies in theaters as a kid and using my parents’ camcorder to tell my own stories when I got back home. Those trips to the theater inspired me to watch my own stuff on the big screen.

I had the first opportunity to do that when I was in college, working at The State Theatre. I made friends with the projectionist who used to let me put my short films up there between movies. Those movies sucked, but they let me fulfill a dream and propelled me to Hollywood, where my next big-screen experience would be at SXSW. I saw my movie, Shovel Buddies, debut for a thousand people.

It was a dream come true.

But that movie didn’t stay in theaters. In fact, that was the last time it showed in one.

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Source: NoFilmSchool