December 23, 2020

Go Behind the Scenes of Some of 2020's Most Popular Movies

2020 didn’t have a ton of new movies, but it had some really memorable ones.

This was such a strange year—I feel like the times I wanted to feel normal I’d put a movie on, open my bag of popcorn, and just try to escape. One of my favorite yearly roundups is the one done by Insider where they show you the movie magic behind this year’s hits.

It has all the stunts, camera trickery, and stars your heart desires.

Check out this video from Insider and let’s talk after the jump.

Go Behind the Scenes of Some of 2020’s Most Popular Movies

This was the year of the COVID compliance officer, but it also brought its own set of breakthroughs in the world of special effects. I know I’m still reeling after that Mandalorian reveal last week.

But that was TV.

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Source: NoFilmSchool