December 4, 2020

Why I Had to First Become A Writer Before A Director

Sage advice to help get your film off the ground.

I’ll start off by saying this. For my film, You Are My Person, I wore a lot of hats for this project. I wrote, directed, produced, co-DP’d, edited, and self-funded the project. It’s a practice many independent creators, like yourself, take on when jumping into filmmaking.

As a filmmaker in 2020, I think you need to be a ninja.

Filmmaking is an art. It’s a voice. And if you can do the majority of the heavy lifting yourself, why not?

My background is in commercial directing, so I knew my way around the block for pitching ads, selling products, creating good content. But when it came to making my own film, I had to flex a muscle that seemed to have disappeared throughout the years. That muscle was narrative storytelling.

After two-plus years of sitting with the idea of You Are My Person, I decided I needed to stop updating drafts and just go for it.

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Source: NoFilmSchool