December 4, 2020

Born Sexy Yesterday: Why Does This Male-Fantasy Trope Need to Go?

The “Born Sexy Yesterday” trope is a troubling recurrence in the sci-fi genre. Why is it still being written?

It is in every science fiction film and TV show. There’s a gorgeous girl that fell from the sky or was just created in a lab accidentally, and she finds a man who loves her for her childlike naïveté and innocence.

It might sound like a bad trope—and that’s because it is! Born Sexy Yesterday (BSY) is a bothersome trope that has been ingrained into the sci-fi genre since its birth.

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) from Tron: Legacy sums up the BSY trope in four words: “Profoundly naive. Unimaginably wise.”

Pop Culture Detective coined the term BSY for the female love interest that is commonly sexualized to satisfy the male fantasy in sci-fi. The female characters often ooze sex appeal but are unaware of it, and lack the life experiences that most humans have.

His video highlights how sci-fi uses this troubling trope in a broad range of films. Check it out.

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Source: NoFilmSchool