November 6, 2020

Why Does 'The Exorcist' Have Such a Conservative Ending?

Everything in The Exorcist is bold and scary… but the ending is quiet. Why?

There are few movies I consider actually “scary.” Sure, there’s gruesome horror, and I indulge in jumps every so often, but when it comes to genuine scares, it’s hard to think of anything that actually gets under my skin and makes it crawl like The Exorcist.

Maybe it’s the 12 years of Catholic school or the mastery of William Friedkin, but this classic from 1973 is a movie that left a big imprint on me. It was the first horror movie I saw with amazing character development and a true arc for the people involved.

It was a movie about clashes, like between progressive and family values, between science and religion, and between atheism and faith.

This movie was important for Hollywood, the country, and the world.

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Source: NoFilmSchool