November 6, 2020

'Toy Story 4' Is Actually the Perfect Ending to Woody's Saga. Here's Why

For some, Toy Story 3 ended perfectly. But Pixar wasn’t done with the tale of Sheriff Woody.

Pixar is known for its heartfelt and thought-provoking tales. Anyone under the age of 25 probably has an emotional attachment to one or more of the early 2000s Pixar movies.

Pretty much all of them are noteworthy, but the story that the company keeps going back to is Toy Story. Many thought that the ending to the toys’ journey in Toy Story 3 was a perfect way to finish up the tale of Woody and the gang. In fact, when the fourth and final movie was announced, a lot of Pixar fans were reluctant. What purpose would a fourth movie serve for an already perfect ending?

In the video below, Darren Foley of MUST SEE FILMS provides an in-depth look at how the writers over at Pixar successfully kept Toy Story going for one more installment.

Check it out.

Toy Story 4 surpasses the traditional setup of its predecessors.

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Source: NoFilmSchool