October 30, 2020

'His House' Director Remi Weekes Discusses Creating Horror Through Trauma

The director breathes new life into the horror genre through a compelling story.

Deep within the walls of writer-director Remi Weekes’ His House is a story about how much one is willing to change their persona.

The allegory follows Bol (Sope Dirisu) and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku), two asylum-seekers who survive a tortuous journey from Sudan. Now detained in Britain, they’re given a second chance to navigate a blank slate and unsettling trauma after being assigned to low-income housing. It’s a visceral refugee story set in a horror movie that navigates the uncertainty of starting over.

“It goes back to the days of assimilation,” Weekes told No Film School over the phone. “Growing up in London as a person of color, a conversation we had in our community was of assimilation, and how much of yourself do you give up or let go to give in. That’s the crux of the story.”

Weekes evolved the characters and story arc through research, connecting the dots with real-life circumstances.

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Source: NoFilmSchool