October 30, 2020

From 'Scanners' to 'Game of Thrones,' Here Are the Best Exploding Heads in Film and TV

Crushed heads, gunshot heads, sliced off heads, exploding heads—the sci-fi/horror movie industry has always been a sucker for highly visceral head injuries.

And the bloodier, the better. Maniac (1980), Scanners (1981), and Deadly Friend (1986) are some great examples of favorite classics—a spectacle of handmade practical effects mimicking a splattering of brain matter.

But there’s no denying the photorealism modern VFX can bring to storytelling, making more recent head-exploding scenes such as Prince Oberyn’s death in Game of Thrones (2014) or The Boys’ (2020) collective head explosions uncannily realistic.

With the recent online launch of O.I. on ALTER, which has, quite literally, a mind-blowing twist, we take a look back at some of the best exploding-head scenes from film and TV.

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Source: NoFilmSchool