October 26, 2020

Beautiful Editorial Design for Anonymous Book

Beautiful Editorial Design for Anonymous Bookabduzeedo10.26.20

Although the world is becoming more digital, it’s still nice to receive something in the mail that you can hold in your hands. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.  Anonymous Singapore made a book containing a selection of their work for potential clients. They also made that a case study of beautiful editorial design worth of being featured here on the blog. You can request  a copy on their website – I believe.

Image may contain: bookImage may contain: printImage may contain: book and handwritingImage may contain: book and artImage may contain: drawing and artImage may contain: print and indoorImage may contain: screenshot, template and printImage may contain: indoor and screenshotImage may contain: screenshot and indoorImage may contain: personImage may contain: furniture, chair and tableImage may contain: handwriting and drawingImage may contain: screenshot and letterImage may contain: handwriting and typographyImage may contain: book and electronicsImage may contain: remote, controller and indoorImage may contain: indoorImage may contain: book and electronicsImage may contain: handwriting, print and cardImage may contain: book, poster and newspaperImage may contain: screenshot, cartoon and book

Source: Abduzeedo Editorial Design