October 23, 2020

Simple Yet Essential: 11 Premiere Pro Tricks To Improve Your Editing Skills

Jump on board the skills train.

It’s hard to keep up with everything Premiere Pro has to offer. Especially when Adobe rolls out updates as much as memes hit the internet. Thankfully, filmmakers are one of the most generous communities when it comes to sharing advice and doling out tips.

Filmmaker Aidin Robbins is a No Film School favorite, and his channel is lush with useful information when it comes to editing. He released a helpful video covering 11 Premiere Pro tips you should definitely check out. Connect after the jump to read our favorites.

Always Set Your Sequence Setting to 4K UHD

Robbins suggests setting your edit and export settings to 4K UHD, even if your footage is not 4K.

Obviously, there are some exceptions to the rule, but in doing so, he says it preserves more detail when exporting and uploading your project to places like YouTube. Additionally, any titles or graphics will be in 4K, even if the footage isn’t. That’s a pretty cool tip and something we’ll be adding to our own workflows to see how much it makes a difference for graphics.

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Source: NoFilmSchool