October 16, 2020

Why Has Martin Scorsese Made It His Mission to Preserve Film?

Something clicked when Scorsese saw his first film… and now he’s working to preserve film for all of us today.

Martin Scorsese is one of the most important people in cinema. Not only is he a wonderful director, but he also has done incredible work to preserve the use of film and the historical films of our times.

The magic of movies still fascinates us today. The films of yesteryear are an important portal for us to see how the art form has changed and what life was like across decades.

In the video below, Scorsese appears as director and founder of The Film Foundation, giving insight into why film preservation is vital and how he works to keep the history of cinema alive.

We’ve lost a ton of old movies. Film is fragile, and there was a time when the silver nitrate used to make them was melted down to extract precious metals. For Scorsese, films are the common image and idea that define humanity.

They capture a moment in time that can echo in eternity, with the proper work and preservation.

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Source: NoFilmSchool