October 16, 2020

'Miller's Crossing,' the Coens' Forgotten Gangster Epic, Turns 30

Is he is, or is he ain’t, the Dane’s boy?

My introduction to Miller’s Crossing was during a course taught on the Coen brothers by Robert Ribera, a professor at Portland State University. I was his Teacher’s Assistant when he was at Boston University, and he gave me the movie to watch to prep for the course.

It was the only Coen brothers movie I had never seen… and it is the one that’s stuck with me as long as even the more famous ones, like Fargo. It was different than other mafia movies, but still had the balls to have an opening shot directly from The Godfather.

I consider this movie to be one of the finest gangster movies ever made, a classic of the gangster genre.

The story is an amoral tale… about morals within the criminal underworld of the 1930s. There are two rival gangs vying for control of a city. The police are pawns, and the busts of illicit drinking establishments are just ways for one gang to get back at the other.

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