September 25, 2020

Why is Ari Aster Such a Big Albert Brooks Fan?

Albert Brooks makes soulful comedies about the human condition. So why does horror maestro Ari Aster love his work so much?

I love people who love movies. And Ari Aster loves movies. He’s constantly talking about them, consuming them, and letting them inspire him to write and direct more movies. But when he said he wrote nearly 4000 words about Albert Brooks in a Criterion op-ed…I was surprised.

From 10,000 feet, Ari Aster and Albert Brooks feel like they are on opposite ends of the filmmaking spectrum.

But are they?

Aster does not think so.

Let’s look at a few of his words on the subject and on one of his favorite filmmakers.

Aster begins his piece this way, “When I think of Albert Brooks, the first image that invariably comes to mind is that of a worry-stricken man desperately impressing his anxieties upon a bemused, notably less nebbishy partner, presenting an elaborate case for the legitimacy of those anxieties, and ultimately feeling defeated and alone as his counterpart placates him, dismisses his distress, or rejects his outlook.”

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Source: NoFilmSchool