September 11, 2020

Why Modern Blockbusters Need to Take More Risks

Why do modern blockbusters all look…boring?

I want people to think about their best theatrical experience. What was the movie that blew you away? The one you saw on the big screen that just floored you? For me, I think the last time I left a theater feeling breathless was maybe Avengers: Endgame. Before that? It was Avatar.

My general point is, we are getting fewer and fewer really jaw-dropping blockbusters.

Despite budgets soaring and big IP selling like hotcakes, we aren’t getting that many visionary worlds.

I think the general reason is that the ones we are getting, like in Jupiter Ascending and in Valerian, are within movies that ultimately fail at the box office and fail in their storytelling. But man, those movies try so hard to be worthy of the big screen instead of relying on a popular title and phoning in the rest.

None of the backgrounds are muddy, not of the planets are so smoky you can’t see anything.

They’re not afraid to be bright.

So what happened to modern blockbusters? Let video essayist Patrick Willems tell you.

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Source: NoFilmSchool