August 28, 2020

Glide into Smoother Footage with This Super Portable Slider

The SliderMini 2 is one of the best pocket-sized sliders available.

Who wouldn’t want buttery smooth footage? Smartta has released the SliderMini 2, its next-generation ultra-portable slider with new features and an affordable price. The new model offers improved stability, 4 specialty modes, and 10 built-in time-lapse modes with variable speed options. Plus, an option for stop-motion animation.

The big draw is its size. It’s tiny and weighs only 1.26 lbs (0.57 kg). Better yet, the travel length is 8 inches (200 mm), so you can pretty much put it anywhere. In terms of payload, it can hold a camera weighing up to 33 lbs (about 15 kg) for both horizontal and vertical movements.

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Source: NoFilmSchool