August 21, 2020

Which One is Better, The Canon EOS R5 or R6?

Comparing Canon’s 2 latest full-frame mirrorless cameras.

When Canon announced the EOS R5, a lot of attention was given to its 8K recording format, and rightfully so. But as we now know, there are some serious record time limitations when shooting 8K. While those limitations were somewhat expected with a smaller camera body, the recovery time of the camera when shooting 8K or in its 4K oversample modes makes it difficult to use on any serious production.

If you’re looking for 4K DCI or 4K UHD up to 30p, the EOS R5 handles those formats well, but how does the EOS R5 stack up against the similarly featured R6? We put it through the test. Watch the video below.


The differences between R5 and R6 bodies are slight. Both have the same chunkier build when comparing it to the original EOS R, but the R6 will have a top mode dial knob that allows you to switch between camera and still modes. In the same position on the R5, there’s a top screen on which you can view the current settings of the camera.

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Source: NoFilmSchool