August 21, 2020

How Are They Shooting Sex Scenes in the UK During COVID?

Shooting sex scenes during the COVID outbreak can be tricky. This is how they’re handling it in the United Kingdom.

In response to the coronavirus, the Directors UK, the organization that governs 7,500 screen directors, has issued new rules and regulations for shooting sex scenes. The headline is this, “The director, writer and producer should review the script together and agree which physical interactions need to occur between performers and decide whether substitutions can be made. Does a physical act need to be shown? If working within a series format, can the intimacy be delayed?”

This is obviously an interesting solution—the general theory is, “Do you HAVE TO show it?”

The document suggests that “the build-up to an intimate scene can sometimes be more exciting than the scene itself” and that “emotional intimacy can be as engaging as physical intimacy.”

I went to Catholic school for 12 years and this even sounds pretty lame to me.

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Source: NoFilmSchool