August 7, 2020

Do Film Critics Need Filmmaking Experience? John Cleese Thinks So…

Let’s not beat a dead parrot over this one…

Breaking into Hollywood is so very hard. I think these past pandemic months have really brought a reckoning down on this industry and the people trying to actively be a part of it. Unless you’re connected or independently wealthy, the only way to get ahead is to consistently write great screenplays or make great movies, and from there…get lucky.

Man, it’s so damn hard to do this kind of work.

It’s the kind of life that breaks most people. Most very talented people do not get lucky. Maybe they sell one thing… maybe nothing. Maybe it’s all over in a few years.

Hollywood is not a meritocracy.

That’s why I find it kind of asinine to suggest that the only valuable critics are the people who have made things.

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Source: NoFilmSchool