July 24, 2020

How 'Top Gun: Maverick' Fit 6 IMAX-Quality Cameras into a Single Cockpit

Top Gun: Maverick might be capitalizing on our nostalgia for 80s action flicks, but its cinematography is from the future thanks to some amazing new cameras.

We’ve been waiting for a Top Gun sequel since 1986, so what’s waiting another year? The movie has been pushed until next summer, but in a recent interview, Joseph Kosinski spoke about finishing post-production and the revolutionary cameras they used to capture the crew in flight.

Kosinski told Collider, “The technology that allows filmmaking to be more practical is the stuff I get most excited about. On Top Gun, we worked with Sony to develop an IMAX quality camera that’s about this big. [gestures] And only like 2 inches deep. So we were able to mount six of them inside the cockpit, and four on the outside of the airplane. So in that case, we’re using technology to capture something real, rather than having to create it on a soundstage. So that, for me, was one of the things that I was excited about in jumping into the project in the first place.”

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Source: NoFilmSchool