July 24, 2020

How FiLMiCPro's DoubleTake Helped Save A Production During Quarantine

Apps can do more than you think.

Since local lockdowns began and then were lifted and then put back in place, it’s been interesting to watch the film industry adapt. Crews have shrunk, become remote, or even become obsolete. In some cases, the talent has been required to take on more filmmaking responsibilities, like shooting and media managing themselves, while never breaking character. Though FiLMiC Pro’s DoubleTake app was not released with COVID-19 in mind, it can play an enormous role when it comes to remote productions.

Earlier in the year we had a first look at the multicam recording capabilities that FiLMic Pro’s DoubleTake provides for the latest iPhones. Shortly after New York went into quarantine, many weekly late-night shows adapted to a near crew-less workflow. Those watching at home immediately felt the absence of an audiences’ laughter or the familiar set design. The editors and post-production crews for many shows have received praise for maintaining quality in remote storytelling. So where is the footage coming from?

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Source: NoFilmSchool