July 3, 2020

Use This Budget-Friendly Device To Wirelessly Transmit Video to Monitors and Smartphones

The more people on set who can monitor the image the better, and with the new Mars 400S from Hollyland, you can work with both a pro monitor and multiple phones at once.

Hollyland, a Chinese company working hard to disrupt the wireless monitoring market, has released the new Mars 400S, an innovative device that allows two forms of monitoring on set.

If you’ve been on a production, you probably are aware of the traditional monitoring setup that has a transmitter that attaches to a camera, and along with that transmitter is a receiver that attaches to a monitor. This allows those on set to view what the camera is seeing from a distance.

Here is where Hollyland’s Mars 400S steps in and gets interesting. Not only can you create that traditional workflow, but you can also pair that same transmitter with up to 3 mobile iOS or Android devices over Wi-Fi to allow more people to monitor the signal from the camera.

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Source: NoFilmSchool