July 3, 2020

How to Write a Commercial Treatment

Commercials are a great way for directors to break into the industry.

The hardest part about trying to break in as a director is getting the world to notice. While it can be hard to raise enough money to make a feature film, there are lots of little jobs you can do that get you paid and experience.

Those jobs are commercials!

You see them on TV every day and you also see them pop up online.

There is no shortage of commercial jobs to get, but how can you get them?

The answer is to write a treatment.

Come with me as I take you through the process.

Treatments for Commercial Directors

Try to think about commercials as little mini-movies. You’re telling a story in three acts. The story of a product or a service. And the best thing? Commercials pay very well. You can sustain a great life working on them and developing your own idea.

That’s the LA or NYC dream.

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Source: NoFilmSchool