July 3, 2020

Cinemark Sets its Eyes on Opening with Classic Movies

Cinemark announced plans to begin reopening its movie theaters with a series of classic Hollywood movies.

Hollywood wants the world to return to normal, but that feels like a distant day. Something more immediate is the idea of returning to the movie theater. But with COVID-19 cases soaring all over the country, studios are a little more hesitant to send movies like Tenet and Mulan there as test subjects.

So places like Cinemark are digging back into the classics to prove audiences will show.

The company, based in Plano, Texas, operates 555 theaters with 6,145 screens in 41 states domestically and 15 countries throughout South and Central America.

Cinemark has increased its cleaning and safety protocols, designating a “chief clean and safety monitor” at each theater to ensure best practices are maintained.

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Source: NoFilmSchool