June 26, 2020

New RED Komodo Footage Released. Is Wide-Scale Production Not Far Behind?

RED hints that the 6K S35 is inching ever closer to a possible wide-scale release next month.

RED CEO Jarred Land provided an update to Komodo’s projected delivery date. In a social media post, the hat-wearing Canadian took advantage of the Gram’s 2,200 characters to suggest production of the camera’s Stormtrooper version could begin at the start of July.

Earlier this month, RED started releasing custom colors for Komodo, a 6K Super 35 camera that’s expected to have integrated autofocus. Footage shot by the camera has started circulating, but since these are pre-production models, the final specs of the camera have yet to be released. With RED starting production on Stormtroopers, that is expected to change soon.

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Source: NoFilmSchool