June 5, 2020

Criterion Channel Gives Free Access to These Essential Titles by Black Filmmakers

Empathy is the most important feeling. And what better way to learn than through the most powerful empathy vehicle ever created?

It seems to me that the world, America especially, is lacking a ton of empathy right now. I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, and while I had a more diverse world than some, it was first through film and television that I saw cultures different than my own.

Roger Ebert once called movies “the greatest empathy machine.” He went on to say, “The great movies enlarge us, they civilize us, they make us more decent people.”

I truly believe those words. And so does the Criterion Channel. In a statement released yesterday, the channel has decided to lift the paywall on films by black creators in order to elevate their work and, hopefully, help foster change within the world.

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Source: NoFilmSchool