May 23, 2020

This Filmmaker Made a Fantasy Epic With No Major Studio Support

Over 6 years in production,The Wanting Mare exemplifies true fantasy immersion with a DIY ethos.

The age old question: if you knew what you know now, would you still go through with your project?

For director Nicholas Ashe Bateman, it was never a choice. He’s been drawn to tell stories in a fantasy universe he’s held in his head since he was a teenager: the mysterious and expansive world of Anmaere. With a background as an actor, Bateman knew very little about VFX — he didn’t know if any of it was possible, but he just starting working. Six years and four computers later, armed with a copy of the Lord of the Rings DVD and a dedicated crew, Bateman’s first entry into his fantasy universe is now undeniably real.

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Source: NoFilmSchool