May 15, 2020

How Did 'Twister' Change Movie Marketing Forever?

Movie marketing took a dramatic turn when Twister was released. Find out how.

Before Twister came out, there was some debate on whether or not a Hollywood film could open and be successful in the month of May. It’s hard to think back to the pre-pandemic time, but Hollywood’s summer now starts as early as March.

That’s all thanks to Amblin pushing Twister in May to unprecedented success, creating the early summer box office and delivering unparalleled success at the time.

The movie was directed by Jan de Bont and expected to be buried at the box office.

But they were all wrong.

People really cared about tornados and this movie caught part of the cultural zeitgeist, keying in on what the public wanted.

After the trailer dropped, people wanted to know about this story and about twisters in general.

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Source: NoFilmSchool