May 8, 2020

Please Don't Write Your Next Spec About COVID-19

We’re all living it right now. The drama isn’t compelling, it’s boring. And no one will want to read it when this is all over.

I am completely against telling people what they should write. I think it’s asinine and limits someone’s imagination. The best screenplays live in your imagination and hit the page. You should always be writing the movie or TV show you want to see.

But please, no one wants to read your COVID-19 script.

I know you think you have a unique take, an angle that makes it feel exciting and new.

But people don’t want it.

Right now, most of Hollywood is talking about how things will change internally when this ends.

We’re trying to figure out new ways into productions and how to maintain the safety of our crews. The last thing we want to do is shoot something that requires living through this time.

There will be documentaries, news hours, and lots of specials.

But no one wants the movie. They just don’t. A buyer won’t want to read, stars won’t want to star, and there’s not an audience for it.

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Source: NoFilmSchool