May 1, 2020

What's Hollywood Going to Look Like When This is Over?

This will all end, but what will Hollywood look like when we get there?

If you’re a responsible human being, you’ve spent the majority of the last 50-ish days indoors, during the COVID-19 crisis, only venturing out for essential reasons. But the day is coming where you won’t have to stay indoors.

Hollywood is going to open. You’ll be able to get into the theater, shoot projects, and attend festivals.

But what will all that look like?

Recently, The Los Angeles Times interviewed a bunch of A-list people on what they think can happen next. Let’s take a look at some of the quotes I pulled and see how things will change in the future.

What’s Hollywood Going to Look Like When This is Over?

The Los Angeles Times gathered some of the best and brightest filmmakers to discuss the current times. Their first question was straightforward. They wanted to know when film production would begin again.

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Source: NoFilmSchool