May 1, 2020

How Growing Up on Sam Raimi's Sets Influenced These Horror Filmmakers

The writer/directors of the upcoming horror-fantasy The Wretched share their insight (and their love of practical effects) with No Film School.

Brett and Drew Pierce grew up on the sets of The Evil Dead, where their father, Bart Pierce, helped create those crazy stop motion effects. Now the brothers have a passion for practical effects and grounded storytelling in their own horror films.

Their second feature, The Wretched, follows teen Ben, whose parents have recently divorced. Sent to live with his father for the summer, he soon realizes that something is wrong with the family next door. An ancient witch has invaded, and when she starts to terrorize the tourist town, only Ben can stop her. It’s a fun, old-school horror tale that fits right in beside gory, family-centric 1980s classics.

IFC Midnight is not only releasing the dark fantasy on-demand on May 1, but also giving the movie a limited drive-in theater run starting the same day.

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Source: NoFilmSchool