April 17, 2020

Steven Soderbergh Will Head the Safety Committee to Reopen Hollywood Productions

There are going to be a lot of questions when it comes to reopening Hollywood and Steven Soderbergh is going to find the answers.

It only seems fitting that the director of Contagion would be the one to help Hollywood back from the COVID-19 pandemic. There are so many questions circling around town right now. We are not sure when production can start again and how it can occur safely.

As the country works to produce faster testing and the world hopes for a vaccine, Hollywood wants to find a way to get back to work.

But things are not that simple.

So the DGA has formed a committee, led by Steven Soderbergh, to try to put the industry back together.

In a statement from DGA president Thomas Schlamme and national executive director Russell Hollander, they voiced their faith that this would pass, and when we came back, crews would be safer.

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Source: NoFilmSchool