April 10, 2020

Why You Should Make a Proof of Concept Short Film

Seth Worley is a director who supports his dream by proof of concept films. Find out why.

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate your imagination to investors and buyers. The best way to do that sometimes is to…well…make it. A proof of concept movie can be the best way to communicate the bigger picture to the executives that make the big decisions.

One of the directors working with these pieces is Seth Worley.

He’s made his name creating proof of concept films that help his ideas come to life.

Lucky for us, he also made this video pitching why he believes proof of concept shorts are actually the best way to break in.

But before you check that out, watch Seth’s newest short film, Darker Colors!

Alright, now…on to the tips!

What I loved about the information in that video is how hyperfocused it is on our vision as creators. What sets you apart from the crowd is what you have to say.

Communication is the key. You have to be decisive, never boring and show a point of vision that inspires other people to create.

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Source: NoFilmSchool