April 3, 2020

Tarantino Blesses Us with 3 Hours of Film Criticism Discussion

Quentin Tarantino joins this month’s Pure Cinema Podcast to discuss film criticism and culture in an incredible, nearly 3-hour episode.

Even though Tarantino is half a world away in Tel Aviv, he’s still connecting with his New Beverly Cinema family and chatting about movies for the Pure Cinema Podcast. The podcast normally looks at the New Beverly’s upcoming programming, but obviously, with Los Angeles under COVID-19 lockdown, they have no upcoming showings to promote.

Elric Kane, Brian Saur, Julie McLean, and Phil Blankenship join Tarantino, who serves as the New Beverly’s programmer.

Tarantino’s favorite “rip-offs”

To start, Tarantino brings up the podcast’s “Ripoffs” episode from 2017, in which the team talks about the sub-set of movies that are heavily inspired by other, extremely popular films of various periods. For instance, a key subject of the 2017 episode is Cathy’s Curse, which was panned as a rip-off of The Exorcist.

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Source: NoFilmSchool