March 27, 2020

What Are the Symbols in 'Parasite' and What Do They Mean?

Parasite is an incredibly deep social satire with expertly interwoven symbolism. So, how did director Bong Joon-ho do it?

As we deal with the rich having access to Covid-19 tests and tweeting out the music and lyrics of John Lennon from their palatial mansions while some of us plot to kill our roommates, I thought it was a great time to revisit Parasite.

While the news and the insane world seem to have slowed Parasite’s press tour, there’s no time like the present to dig into this masterpiece and talk about the symbolism at the core of its storytelling.

Check out the video from Lessons from the Screenplay and let’s talk after the jump.

How are Symbols Used in Film?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty inside the movie, let’s put down our peaches and talk about symbols. Symbols give you a way to sway the audience. They are tangible objects within the story that represent something larger than what they are.

They are objects bearing the weight of metaphor.

Sometimes we call these things “charged objects.”

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Source: NoFilmSchool