March 27, 2020

Final Cut Pro X and Logic Both Now Have 90 Day Free Trials

Final Cut Pro X and Logic are offering 90-day free trials to give users more time to experiment before taking the plunge.

As the world adapts to distributed workflows, much of the support has been aimed towards helping students and educators. Apple has announced 90-day free trials on both Final Cut Pro and Logic software.

Final Cut Pro X has always had a 30-day free trial, but Logic, its audio software, previously didn’t have trials available. If you wanted to give it a shot, you had to buy it. In terms of licenses, Final Cut and Logic both behave similarly to DaVinci Resolve Studio in that they haven’t required upgrade fees in a long time. If you bought FCP X for $299 in 2011, you would still be using it today at that same purchase. That works out to about $2.75/month.

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Source: NoFilmSchool