February 28, 2020

3 Things Every Great Fight Scene Has That Bad Ones Don't

Successful fight scenes aren’t just about action—they’re about so much more.

I’m a human being with a vascular system and adrenal glands and a brain and stuff, so naturally, I like fight scenes.

Show me any martial arts rumble and I’ll be set—Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, gimme it—however, any epic battle that incorporates the key ingredients that make these types of scenes fun and necessary to watch is alright by me.

But what are those key ingredients? What elements are at play beneath all the punches, kicks, and sword swipes?

Henry Boseley of The Closer Look digs deep into what makes a fight scene great in his video essay below, so give it a watch and continue on for more.

Okay, so what do great fight scenes consist of? Clearly, they’re creative, they build tension, they have good pacing, they might even add cool technical tricks that show us something that we’ve never seen before. (Hello… the bullet-time sequences in The Matrix.)

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Source: NoFilmSchool