February 8, 2020

65 Super Bowl Commercials, 2 Oscar-Nominated Shorts, and Some Tough-Love Filmmaking Advice

Bryan Buckley, who’s called ‘the King of the Super Bowl,’ gives some real-world advice about breaking into commercial directing.

Bryan Buckley is the King of the Super Bowl. At least, that’s what the New York Times dubbed him, along with “the 30-second auteur.” They’re fitting monikers—Buckley has helmed more than 65 Super Bowl commercials. His spot this year is for Hyundai, starred John Krasinski and Chris Evans. He’s highly regarded across the industry for his gift for casting first-time actors, his eye for detail, and his intrepid spirit.

Buckley has parlayed his commercial success into multiple features and two Oscar-nominated shorts. One of them, the devastating Saria, is nominated this year. (Stay tuned for an article publishing tomorrow with interviews from this year’s Oscar-nominated shorts directors, including Buckley.)

No Film School sat down with Buckley to discuss why he thinks first-time filmmakers shouldn’t jump at the first opportunity to make a feature, why shorts are better calling cards than commercial spots, and how he maintains his vision while working with clients.

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Source: NoFilmSchool