February 7, 2020

What the New 'Warner Max' Film Label Means for You

Warner Bros. and HBO are going to create mid-budget streaming films through a new film label. But why should we care?

In a press release this week, Warner Bros. and HBO announced they were creating a new production house called Warner Max. This will serve as the film label and production arm of the new Warner Bros./HBO streaming service, HBO Max, which launches this May.

Overseeing the slate will be HBO Max’s Kevin Reilly and Warner Bros. Pictures’ chair Toby Emmerich. The studio heads say they’re aiming for 8 to 10 movies per year.

WarnerMedia’s extensive library already includes New Line, DC Films, the Turner television networks, Cartoon Network, and more, which they hope will give them leverage on the streaming side.

Warner Bros. and New Line will continue to create theatrical releases, while Warner Max will create a new platform for filmmakers perhaps seeking to make riskier films or reach niche audiences through streaming. Warner Max films will be able to take advantage of Warner Bros.’ resources, including physical production.

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