February 7, 2020

'Summertime' Filmmaker on How Music Videos Make You a Better Visual Director

Carlos López Estrada has made music videos for Billie Eilish and Flying Lotus. He just translated his skills into his second Sundance feature. Could his model work for you?

7 months ago, Carlos Lopez Estrada went to a showcase of young spoken-word Get Lit poets in L.A. “I remember just walking out of that showcase, feeling so inspired by these amazing kids,” explained Lopez Estrada to No Film School. “I had this what-if moment where I asked, “What if there was a way to translate this experience that we just sat through into a film?”

There was a way—through a fantastical film that utilizes everything about Lopez Estrada’s visual style of filmmaking! Using his skills of translating music into images, Estrada took 26 spoken word poems and weaved them into a feature, starring those poets, that traverses Los Angeles culturally, tonally, and geographically. After a 19-day production shot this past summer, Lopez Estrada’s feature film Summertime just premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

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Source: NoFilmSchool


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