January 17, 2020

I Just Bombed My Pitch. How Did it Happen?

Bombing a pitch happens to everyone, but sometimes you have no idea why it did. Let’s go over a few scenarios.

Pitching a movie or TV show is an art form. You go in, weave an entertaining tale in around fifteen minutes, and then field a series of questions. Afterward, some people meet up and decide if they liked your pitch.

Those people are usually executives or creatives that can make the project happen.

But sometimes you don’t have to wait for the execs.

Sometimes you know in your heart of hearts that you bombed that pitch.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Bombing is its own art form. A spectacular spiral of problems and guttural noises that leaves you feeling weak and the knees and nauseous. But it’s something you need to get used to because all writers bomb pitches. Every single one. I have bombed plenty.

There are many reasons you can bomb a pitch. And them ore you’re aware of the reasons, the more you can do to keep yourself from bombing it.

So, come with me as I look back on some bombs, and share your own stories and lessons in the comments.

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Source: NoFilmSchool