December 6, 2019

'The Last of Us' and How to Write Great Video Games

The Last of Us is one of the most compelling storytelling experiences of the past decade. And it’s a video game. What makes the story so powerful?

It used to be that video games got no love when it came to storytelling. But as the medium gets more and more respect, we’re starting to champion the games that truly envelope the player in a new world with new experiences.

One of these games is The Last of Us.

This post-apocalyptic story puts two people trying to cross the United States together. One a surrogate father, the other a replacement daughter.

Both with the desire to survive.

So how does a video game become one of the most engaging stories in modern society?

Lessons from the Screenplay sat down with the minds behind the game and chatted.

See their analysis and let’s go over some crucial details.

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Source: NoFilmSchool