November 29, 2019

Unlocking the Secrets to Micro-Budget Filmmaking

Indie filmmaker Noam Kroll has incredible advice for making a low-budget feature from start to finish.

Noam Kroll has worked on almost every side of film projects, including as a colorist, editor, writer, cinematographer, director, and more. His latest feature film, Psychosynthesis, was shot on an extremely low budget in just nine days.

Kroll took some time to answer our questions about how he approached the feature, maintained control of his limited budget, and achieved the film’s gorgeous visuals. He shares what he learned on the quick shoot, and what he’d do differently. He also talks about the importance of self-marketing and his VOD plans.

Any filmmaker wanting to take on an ambitious project with a limited timeframe and budget and still achieve a polished look can benefit from Kroll’s insight.

Let’s get to the advice!

NFS: Can you tell us about your development process on Psychosynthesis?

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Source: NoFilmSchool