September 27, 2019

"When People See the Movie They'll Be Like, 'What the Fuck?'"

How did Daniel Scheinert pull off “The Death of Dick Long”?

It’s less and less common to see a movie that truly surprises you. Mark my words: you will be surprised by The Death of Dick Long.

We don’t see a lot of movies anymore that walk the fine line between comedy and drama. That combine, in every step along that tight-rope, the ability to make us laugh, cringe, and recoil. The Death of Dick Long connects on a comedic level without grasping at the nearest jokes, and without trouncing on anyone’s way of life. In fact, it goes out of its way to humanize the very people we laugh at.

It humanizes them to the point where we suddenly also connect on a dramatic level, feeling deep compassion and sympathy for the ridiculous plight of its leads.

The premise of the movie is simple enough: a few buddies are partying, decide to ‘get weird’, and some bad things happen. The story is about the repercussions of that night.

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Source: NoFilmSchool