September 27, 2019

Here's How Vince Gilligan Made 'Breaking Bad' So Damn Good

The showrunner ran one of the most secretive and complicated writers’ rooms in history. But what was his average day like?

Being a showrunner is one of the most demanding jobs in all of Hollywood. You have to be in the writers’ room, on set, in the edit, and everyone wants your opinion on everything. That’s why it’s so cool to get an inside look at Gilligan’s day to day from the Breaking Bad special features.

The show has been over for years, but I wanted to revisit this to emphasize how much work goes into every episode of television you see.

Check out this video from the Breaking Bad DVD extras and let’s talk after the jump!

What’s the life of a showrunner like? Some days they are jam-packed and you have to be everywhere at once.

The Writers’ Room

Writing is problem-solving. Of you have a bad script you have no foundation for whatever comes next. This means that Gilligan’s number one priority is as a writer on the show. He has to manage the room, help with ideation, and give notes on every episode turned in.

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Source: NoFilmSchool