September 20, 2019

Do These 1999 Movies Make it The Best Year for Movies Ever?

Movies from 1999 continue to provide valuable lessons about filmmaking, art, and life in general.

Good movies entertain us. Great movies teach us how to live. In 1999 some movies were doing both.

It’s hard for filmmakers these days to have a goal beyond just getting stuff made and seen. At the same time, figuring out how to create good content and get it seen is sort like learning to drive. And ultimately what’s the point of learning to drive if you don’t know where to go?

We’re going to talk about the movies of 1999 because any filmmaker can learn to drive a car. We want filmmakers who take us somewhere interesting. Or cool. Or Unique. Or mind-blowing.

Plus if you start with a story that might take audiences somewhere meaningful, you’re definitely going to have an easier time getting it made and seen.

What does this have to do with 1999 again?

1999 Movies Had it All

For whatever reason, 1999 produced a ton of new releases that took audiences to places they had never been before. Visually, emotionally, and philosophically.

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Source: NoFilmSchool