September 6, 2019

Lessons from a Steadicam OG: Make Your Shots Flow Like Music

One of the first Steadicam operators ever teaches you how to move your camera like a pro.

Dan Kneece has nearly 40 years of experience using Steadicams, and not only did he learn how to do it from the creator Garrett Brown himself but he’s one of the first camera operators to do so.

Suffice it to say that the guy knows camera movement.

In this video, Ted Sim of Indy Mogul chats with Kneece about what it takes to move your camera like a pro and what kinds of techniques you need to employ in order to tell visual stories using camera movement. Check it out below:

Learn From the Masters

The original Steadicam creator, Garrett Brown, taught Kneece how to use one, so it makes sense why he says that if you want to learn how to do something in filmmaking, learn from the masters. However, not everybody has that kind of access to masters of filmmaking…I mean, that’d be amazing, but it’s just not realistic.

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Source: NoFilmSchool